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Step #1
Discovery Call
We will pair you up with your own Committed Business Analyst
• He will take detailed notes.
• You will reveal: What is, Was, & Should be Working in your Organization,
Pain Points, Wants, Needs, & Desires for your current business process.


Step #2
Your Business Analyst will  submit your details to our team for review & make a suggestion for the best plan of action tailored to your business.


Step #3
Demonstration Call
• Your Business Analyst  will enlighten you with your new Tailored Plan for  enhancements,  customizations & optimized functionality. In the end, you get the following:
• something to keep in your Business System.
• a small taste of Optimization
• You are on your journey towards improving functionality features that Save Time, effort, & Increase Productivity. 

Rayburn Ideas, A Fidelity Payment Services Company

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At our Rayburn Ideas, We understand that startups & non-profits are in the business of keeping what they earn, not necessarily maximizing profits.
Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of merchant services & maximize your revenue potential.
With our tailored solutions, IDEAS, you can rest assured that your organization is set up for success. Our digital marketing tools ensure that your message is reaching the right people, maximizing your outreach & increasing your impact.
With Rayburn Ideas, you can streamline your operations, boost engagement, and grow your organization.
Don't let confusion and lost revenue hold you back any longer –  Take your organization to the next level!

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