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You can use this element to explain to visitors what you do or inform them about other subjects. For instance, what is your passion and why or what does your company offer, i.e. products and services. You can hide this element in the menu on the right

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You can use this element to explain to visitors what you do or inform them about other subjects. For instance, what is your passion and why or what does your company offer, i.e. products and services. You can hide this element in the menu on the right

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Use these amazing web site diagnostic tools or Schedule a Call with one of our Experts

Google Search Console - Google Search Console tools & reports help you shed light on your site's Search Traffic.
     Key Features-Performance, URL Inspection, SiteMaps, Recrawling your site to allow your latest changes become know to the people that search your site or keywords. Get insights as to demographics, understand website defects, and other key performance indicators.

Google My Business - This is a business listing for your business. It is best practice to have your business name and website match. Here, you can help people locate your business name, phone, and website address to allow your site and business to be easily discovered.

Google Analytics - Get the deep secrets and insights that only Google can provide. Learn and understand how to help your site rank better and be more effective.

Google Page Speed Insights  - They can give you a great understanding of how many seconds it takes your page to load. From HTML Code Suggestions to which images slow down your site specifically on mobile devices this site is great to scan your website efficiently.

Schema - This is a type of code that assists Google and other searches to easily and quickly read your website. This is a laser-guided search that locates key information about your website such as contact information and pricing items. The faster the search engine can read and display your website the better your speed and ranking will be. 

Bing Webmaster Tools - These features are very similar to the Google Search Console offering insights as to who has visited your site and clicked through. This service integrates with the Google Search Console and allows an exploration of keywords. This is very complimentary to Google Search Console.

Yandex Console - This console is a bit of a combined software between the Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. It can also allow a person to register their business to get noticed. Yandex Console offers the ability to create Turbo Pages which modify your webpages and load faster in a different structure on mobile devices. This is the next step up from just a  mobile friendly site. This impacts the way in which your page loads and how fast it loads on people's mobile devices. We love this service! They also inform you of changes in your meta and canonical tags.

Spyfu  - This resource assists you to engage with your competitor's keywords, ads, and pages that come up in searches. This is a great place to analyze what your competitors are doing right.

Moz - It appears that they set the standard in the SEO Arena. From 1-100, with a score of 1 ranking for newer sites and 100 ranking for well-established sites like Pepsi, Kleenex, and other well-known brands. There free tools such as: Keyword Explorer, Link Explorer, Moz Bar, My Online Presence, Free Domain Analysis, and MozCast can help you go from 1 to 100 quickly.

Seoptimer - This seems to be one of our team's favorite choices for clear and easy instruction on how to optimize our clients' websites. They analyze 5 different key performance indicators such as SEO, Usability, Performance, Social Media Presence, and Site Security. But, don't take our word for it. See for yourself how we did by downloading our "Seoptimer Rating Report.

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SEOptimer: Access Our "A" Rating Site Report

Website Builder Tools

[Full Disclosure: I’m a proud affiliate partner of the services mentioned above and if you decide to pursue one of these services now or in the future, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you]

From Webiste Hosting to Converting LandPages We have you covered!

Web Hosting


Starting at $1.99 Billed monthly depending on services prices may vary


•Unlimited domain names allowed
•Selling online
•Scalable bandwidth
•Designing and building tools
•Sending and receiving email
•World-class technology
•vDeck Control Panel
•Visitor statistics/site traffic reporting
•Enhanced security suite ($100 Value)
•30-day money-back guarantee
•24/7 phone and chat support
•Step-by-step tutorials
•Online help center and ticketing system

Web Hosting


Starting at $3.95 Billed monthly depending on services prices may vary

Change how you do business

•Full-Service Website

•SEO Services

•Pay-Per-Click Services

•Website Migration

•24/7 Support
•1-Click WordPress Install
•FREE SSL Certificate Included
Get a FREE Domain Name for 1st Year

Air Slate
Artificial Intelligence


Billed monthly

•Get a personalized digital assistant that will answer questions while you sleep at night
•Increase sales Get up to 80% open rates and 10X CTR compared to email with a bot drip campaign and broadcasts.
3.4× increase in return on ad spend compared to a website
71% reduction in cost per conversion


•Drag-and-drop web form builder •Contract negotiation and management

•Configurable workflow routing
•Robotic process automation

Give your team the power to automate any part of your business using a single, no-code, easy-to-configure solution



Billed monthly

The Quest for Higher Conversions Stops Here
Create, personalize, and optimize post-click landing pages at scale—without a developer.
Earn up to 4.2X higher conversions with the same ad spend.


•Build and deploy landing pages at scale

•Ad-to-page personalization

•Landing page experimentation


•Real-time visual on-page collaboration

•AMP & Thor Render Engine

Best Free Optimization Tools

Workforce Management- Take control of your staff and lighten up the load on Human Resources


Automate Bookings & Payments With Online Appointment Software. Manage all appointments through one simple, clean calendar system to give your business the freedom to grow. We love and use it in this website!


Time Doctor

Accurate Time Tracking. Having an app that accurately monitors the time spent on work helps drive efficiency and productivity. Easy, Secure Setup and Top-Tier Support.



Mute background noise in any communication app


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