Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?
We can:

• Track and manage customer relationships
• Automate sales and marketing activities
• Measure the success of campaigns
• Understand $ Analyze Payment Processing
• Help identify target customers, create customized marketing campaigns, & develop customer loyalty programs
• Track performance and analyze data to optimize campaigns and improve customer experiences
• Assist with social media marketing, email marketing, and other digital tactics.

What do you specialize in?

• Salesforce CRM
• Zoho CRM
• Constant Contact Contact Email Marketing
• Mailchimp Email Marketing
•AWeber Email Marketing

How much willl this cost?

That depends

Some clients use our services on a monthly retainer to handle their email blasts where we provide content & reports about campaign responses. Other clients, need a small 20 hour projects to get the most out of their CRM or Email Marketing Software. We love connecting the two systems.

What type of guarantee do you provide (on custom work)?

The Rayburn Promise: Through hardwork, competence, and where we can give in, when we can. We strive to make the customer feeling like he always got something. Every situation is different and we strive to make everyone a winne

What can you expect?

•Easy to Work With 
•Focused to Completion 
•At a Reasonable Price

Who Are We Legally?

We are a incorporated company, A
S- Corp operating in FL, USA. We can give tax reciepts and can work on a 1099.

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Rayburn Ideas, A Fidelity Payment Services Company

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At our Rayburn Ideas, We understand that startups & non-profits are in the business of keeping what they earn, not necessarily maximizing profits.
Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of merchant services & maximize your revenue potential.
With our tailored solutions, IDEAS, you can rest assured that your organization is set up for success. Our digital marketing tools ensure that your message is reaching the right people, maximizing your outreach & increasing your impact.
With Rayburn Ideas, you can streamline your operations, boost engagement, and grow your organization.
Don't let confusion and lost revenue hold you back any longer –  Take your organization to the next level!

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