Did your audience receive your newsletter?

Are you able to get past the Spam filters?

For many of us, we do not have a dedicated person to ensure that emails are actually delivered and opened. 
Or even, as technical or billing issues come up we have no one to turn to. Independent Consultants charge for every minute for their help.

Sound Familiar?

Let's Talk

• Do you wish to get past the spam filters?
• Do you want an easy to use platform?
• Do you hope that 9.7 out of 10 emails actually go to the recipient's Inbox  email deliverability
• Would you like to create one template and push it out across social media and digital platforms?
• Do you feel like you just do not know how to get quick answers to technical or billing issues?

Let's be real with ourselves, running a business is not simple and we want to capitalize on our time & resources.

Database List Cleanup

"We need the ability to identify which email addresses & subscribers have not been engaged in the last month."

A clean database is a healthy database!

Through the use of mail-merge & creating a personalized message, you can identify which list your subscribers should be part of or not. You can have the power to gently investigate & better polish your email list. Customer Support can walk you through this process or we can help you accomplish this task to run crisp reports.

Let's get Started

This is can be an easy process for you to get the answers and advice that you need. With many years of Excel and Email Marketing Experience, We have the expertise and patience to work with people not just a software. This is our dream job.

How can we help you?

Not using Constant Contact yet?

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Less than 5 minutes of your time can save you hours of potential headaches. 
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Existing Constant Contact Accounts

Account Optimization

"We do not have a dedicated person at Constant Contact to rely on, as billing and technical issues come up and consultants charge for every minute for their help."

"We are missing out on the current Constant Contact Discounts & Promotions."

Rayburn Ideas can Quickly get your technical & billing answers and be your main point of contact.

Rayburn Ideas loves working with current constant contact clients.
So Relax, Have fun, and We’ll do this together. Looking forward to working with in helping your team get the most out of your email marketing!

Account Optimization

Website Optimization

Get your Free Tools have your pages load faster or just improve your Google Ranking?

With SEO Rules changing every day, We’ve got your back. As a [Certified] Constant Contact partner, We are with you every click of the way to help your digital marketing solution get ranked and noticed. Access a suite of free website audit tools to increase your website traffic & Google Ranking.

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