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Constant Contact Ratings

How We Measure Inbox Delivery

Constant Contact works with third-party vendors to measure our inbox delivery rates. We send test emails to seed lists at various domains, then receive reports comparing how many emails reached the inbox versus the spam folder, or if they bounced. Delivery rates throughout the industry may vary due to specific filter settings or “domain weighting,” where vendors add more “weight” when calculating emails sent to larger domains (like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL) than smaller domains.

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Why your deliverability rate may be different than ours

Our team monitors these deliveries daily and weekly so we can learn how we’re performing and proactively adjust to improve rates over time.
Constant Contact averages about 97% Email Deliverability Rate, but you will most likely see lower results—at least at first. Emails most commonly bounce due to old or incorrect email addresses, so make sure your subscriber list is up to date and clean of bounces. It’s a simple, effective way to improve deliverability.

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