Common Configuration Services

Email Marketing Templates

"Email Marketing Templates are not properly configured & The Call to Action Buttons do not work " Even worse when a person wants to opt out they can not and they get error messages!, so they are forced to mark your email as spam to Google. What can we do?

Sounds like a Mess!

Our Consultants can Quickly Get your Message Organized & Delivered ERROR FREE

Auto Responders Setup

Sending Automated Emails to new subscribers is as Easy as Pie

GET the ability
that when a new subscriber joins your list you can send an email tip campaign about "your new Campaign".

We just configured this for one of our pristine clients
They needed to educate a group of new subscribers on how to shop on AliExpress. They wanted to know the difference between Ebay, Amazon, and Aliexpress. Once a week they received a scheduled email series of informative articles.

Prove you are who you say you are

Need the ability to prove that you are a real sender in your email marketing

We can help you gain authority with
• Enable Constant Contact Email Authentication

• Set Up the Self-Authentication DKIM Key with Your Hosting Provider

• Build a good reputation with ISPs and improve your email deliverability using Constant Contact Email Authentication with your "From Address"
Once you've generated and published your DKIM key, you must publish it in your domain's DNS records. DKIM setup requires advanced access and knowledge of your domain settings and hosting services. Due to the complexity of different DNS providers we are can assist with the implementation of the DKIM key.

Increase your Social Media Exposure

Not getting the right amount of social media traffic and analytics?
Over paying for so many programs?
Why not simplify integrate everything in one place?

Connecting Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook just got easier!

We can help you plan, schedule, and post your social media like a pro! We will help you see insights and make decisions all in from your Constant Contact Account

Warning: You may experience a higher amount of leads and exposure that could lead to an increased amount of business growth. 

Relax, This is something we can plan together